We automate data collection for real-time visibility of the farm and transform data into actionable insights and predictive intelligence to support stakeholders across the agricultural ecosystem.
We provide a suite of tools, including high-resolution, high-frequency  satellite imagery and predictive crop models, to support farmers in making informed farm management, from pre-season planning to in-season monitoring and post-season reviews.
We leverage data to help farmers improve land stewardship by  balancing  environmentally sound and economically viable decisions. Our solutions result in increased yields, optimized costs and minimized environmental impact.
We ingest and clean robust datasets to create advanced analytics and consistent custom reports that support operational planning, risk management,  business growth and  financial decisions.
Enabling data visibility and delivering insights to improve the  management of resources, mitigate risk, direct marketing efforts and drive sales.
We provide proprietary tools and custom reports that enable in-depth visibility of the farm to simplify claims, automate acreage and production reports, and deliver deep insights for  mitigating risk.
We enable full traceability from field to bin to market to support precise verification across the supply chain and help farmers meet traceability requirements for food safety and sustainability.
We connect farmers and buyers with verifiable, high-quality carbon credits. Our data-driven solutions help farmers implement sustainable land management practices and optimize how their crops are fertilized to lower nitrous oxide emissions and increase production of low-carbon grain.