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Smart Carbon

Generate verifiable carbon credits with complete transparency and less paperwork
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A simple program to position your farm for long-term resiliency

We understand farming is more than a job; it’s a multi-generational commitment. You’ve worked hard to protect your land, enrich your soil and increase the value of every acre. Our Smart Carbon Program recognizes this, bringing sustainability, productivity and profitability together to support your farm’s long-term success and help you get rewarded for your land stewardship.

Includes new and existing agronomic practices

Passive data collection & record management

Traceable and verifiable registry-issued credits

Aggregated approach for maximum returns

No long-term commitments

Our process is seamless from soil to sale. Here’s how it works:

1. Choose the right carbon strategy
Our team works with you to assess existing practices, while exploring new farm management practices to reduce your carbon footprint.
2. Collect and record data
FarmCommand® simplifies and automates meeting protocol guidelines by collecting data from on-farm hardware and sensors.
3. Aggregate and calculate impact
Data is aggregated on behalf of all farmers in the program to calculate the carbon credits generated.
4. Verify processes and records
Independent carbon credit auditors verify records and processes, ensure GHGs were removed or reduced, and confirm terms of the protocol were met.
5. Register, serialize and transfer
Each tonne of carbon credits is verified, serialized, and sold. Ownership is transferred to buyer.
6. Get rewarded
Receive payment for your contribution to the program.

Helping farmers generate and
market carbon credits since 2011

Carbon tonnes serialized

Acres of reductions

$2.2 M

Credits sold

Serialized Nitrous Oxide Emissions Reduction Protocol (NERP) project ever

4R designated agronomists

Agronomists with Accredited Professional Advisor (APA) designations

Based on 8 years of data as of January 17, 2023

Enhance your farm’s profitability potential

Our industry-leading approach is designed to maximize ROI across the farm. We provide everything you need to gain a credible entry point to benefit from the growing global investment in carbon credits while also supporting your farm’s long-term operational goals.
Enriches soil and aligns with 4R Nutrient Management practices
Validate sustainable farming practices
Ensures traceable and verifiable carbon offsets
Sustains and prepares operation for future generations

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