Agri-fuel providers

Advance your sustainability goals through fully traceable production of sustainable fuels from verifiable, low-carbon grain

 Our solutions help farmers and your business lower their carbon footprint with full traceability

Measure and monitor carbon intensity
  • Measure, monitor and verify carbon intensity scores from grain production used for the development of sustainable aviation fuel and other low-carbon-footprint fuels
  • Track scope 1 and 3 emissions
  • Ensure validity and security to support your carbon goals and deliver on the evolving needs of today’s environmentally conscious consumer
Optimize traceability and transparency
  • Eliminate data silos and enhance supply chain alignment
  • Establish greater transparency from field to fuel production
  • Automate sustainability and traceability reporting through custom API integration
  • Minimize the administrative burden of reporting with customized insights that work for your business
Support and access sustainable farmers
  • Gain a direct connection to a large network of progressive farmers producing highly traceable, low-carbon grain
  • Strengthen your brand reputation by ensuring climate-friendly products
  • Demonstrate support for regenerative, bio-diverse and sustainable land management practices
  • Support the agriculture industry and help boost farmers’ bottom line while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and protecting Earth’s natural resources
Access verifiable, carbon credits
  • B2B solution to help your company get closer to achieving your carbon goals
  • Purchase verified registry-issued carbon offsets with seamless delivery from soil to sale
  • Support climate protection in a meaningful way while improving your ESG scorecard

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