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The Farmers Edge Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility serving agricultural retailers and research groups across the USA. We provide comprehensive soil analysis to deliver a detailed understanding of the soil’s characteristics, from nutrient content and composition to acidity and salinity. We utilize robust quality assurance and control systems with additional external support through Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency and North American Laboratory Proficiency programs to ensure consistent, accurate results.

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LabCommand by Farmers Edge Laboratories is the new online portal that makes it easier to submit, review and pay for your all of your soil testing needs. Create your account now by clicking Register to access the portal instantly.

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There are many variables to take into consideration when soil sampling. Our highly-skilled technicians will work alongside you to ensure you receive timely, accurate results to drive intelligent crop production decisions.

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We actively participate in

  • North American Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program
  • Agricultural Laboratory Proficiency Program

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