Strengthen your business, mitigate risk and reduce fraud with agriculture’s smartest insurance reporting system

Smart Reporting

Access comprehensive visibility at the field level driving efficient underwriting decisions

Smart Claim

Get the data and assurance you need with a few simple clicks

Smart Reporting

Smart Reporting is your key to the future of agriculture insurance and lending. Backed by exceptional data sets, this tool provides comprehensive visibility at the field level historically to drive efficient underwriting decisions and assess the most optimal risks to take on.

Underwriting Prequalification Product Benefits


Securely upload your client’s field border polygon without the need for any additional personal information to be submitted 

Field Boundaries

Accurate and automatically derived from satellite imagery  

ESG Compliance

Field borders are automatically tested against our ESG database to determine grower’s adherence to these ESG guidelines 

Historical Field Usage Insight

5-year Historical NDVI Imagery is analyzed to provide insight on crop patterns and field history

Crop Monitoring Product Benefits

Reduce fraudulent activity

Verify the crop planted is the same crop that you agreed to insure or lend against 

Validate timelines

Verify crops are planted within a specified period 

Manage loss impacts

Yield Prediction throughout the season

Smart Claim

Digital technologies and customizable reporting that provide valuable insights and improve efficiency for insurers to manage crop insurance program losses.

Severe weather alerts report to optimize claim resource planning

Remote sensing technologies that alert crop health and detect potential crop damage

Automated field maps to assist field scouting accuracy, documentation, and loss adjustment

Loss data and imagery access for enhanced claim transparency and efficiency

See the difference accuracy makes

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