Advance your digital agriculture risk monitoring and claim technologies with individual tools or a custom end-to-end solution

Imagine if the crops you insure each year could talk.
We can tell you exactly what they are saying!

Smart Reporting

Data tailored to augment sales and underwriting, coupled with industry-leading crop models powering in-season monitoring.

Smart Claims

Combine and customize analytics, insights, and adjusting platforms into one integrable claims tool.

Smart Reporting

Powered by comprehensive data and ML models, obtain portfolio-level visibility, drive sales, enhance risk underwriting, and access seamless crop monitoring throughout the growing season.


Ensure Anonymity
Securely upload your portfolio of client fields without any additional personal information
Recognize Field Boundaries

Automatically derived from satellite imagery for accuracy

Ensure ESG Compliance

Field borders are automatically tested against selected ESG databases. Results are returned immediately

Customize, Share, and Scale with Ease
Customize your reports from our selection of analytics and derivatives. Receive and share data seamlessly via API and cloud bucket options, and scale easily with our Big Data processing abilities.

Use Cases

Validate applications and acreage reports

Identify potential losses and manage them earlier

Identify crop type and confirm the planted area

Evaluate reported seeding dates

Monitor production with in-season yield prediction

Smart Claims

Advance your crop insurance programs and shine in customer claims experience.

Enhance portfolio visibility and resource planning with consistent and reliable reporting, featuring regional and field-level crop performance, severe weather event alerts, growth stage identification, yield predictions, leading remote sensing analytics, and more.

Employ adjuster tools to increase efficiency & accuracy throughout the entire adjusting process, including reducing total visits, travel time, or time spent in the field.

Combine and connect directly with your organization’s ERP or BMS

Utilize various optical satellite imagery resolutions to provide flexibility in pricing, frequency, and scale to your needs

Improve claim validation, transparency, and overall customer service.

Lead, don’t follow technology

Book a meeting with our team to collaborate and identify where our turnkey solutions and tailored customizations can address gaps and amplify your programs, products, and people.

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