Smart Carbon

Connecting hardworking farmers with industry to support a sustainable planet and increase the production of low-carbon grain
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This is where sustainability, productivity and profitability come together

For Farmers

We help farmers enrich soil and grow more using less through data-driven farming practices. Our solutions result in transparent, low-carbon grain production and verifiable carbon offsets to help improve your profit potential.

For Supporters

Our solutions help farmers actively reduce and sequester carbon dioxide, with verified credits from soil to sale. Accelerate your sustainability progress by supporting the farmers that are feeding the world.

Our approach

Delivering sustainable farming, water and land management practices to capture more carbon in the soil and help farmers increase food production for a growing population.

We collect 3+ billion datapoints per hour from professionally installed on-farm sensors and leverage AI analytics to transform data into insights, predictive intelligence and detailed reports.

Verified Credits
Using our unique digital infrastructure, data is monitored, measured and analyzed in real-time resulting in quality, verified carbon credits ready for market.

Seamless Transparency
Our platform ensures fluid delivery from soil to sale. All environmental digital assets can be traced back to the actual acre they have been generated from.

How it works

Farmers implement data-driven sustainable agricultural practices
We generate carbon credits and transact them on behalf of farmers
Supporters purchase credits to meet their sustainability goals

We use advanced technological innovations, leading-edge research, connected field sensors and big data analytics to develop a farm-specific program that marries sound agronomy with regenerative land management practices and water stewardship for high-intensity, low-impact crop production.

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