URBANDALE, Iowa and AMES, Iowa— August 1, 2019— ScoutPro Inc. has partnered with Farmers Edge, a global leader in digital agriculture, to deliver the best-in-class imagery solution available for crop monitoring to their customers. High-resolution satellite imagery, state-of-the-art processing technology, and unique map layers are now integrated into the ScoutPro scouting app.

Highly rated among retailers and other agricultural service providers, ScoutPro offers top-of-the-line field observation software and solutions built on high-quality information. Farmers Edge integrated approach to scouting delivers previously unavailable intelligence on crop development to ScoutPro users through a unique map set that shows variabilities in the field beginning immediately after seeding.

“We’re excited to offer a complete package of solutions built for retailers and agricultural professionals that now includes seamless integration of this new map set for directed scouting,” said Michael Koening, ScoutPro Inc. president. “Unlike with traditional scouting, imagery-derived maps give our customers the big picture of their fields and increases their capacity for directed scouting – the imagery is captured, the maps are processed and then put directly into their hands. It’s a scalable solution for businesses to better assess their needs and cover more acres; no other company offers this combination of high-resolution imagery and processing technology.”

ScoutPro sought out Farmers Edge after learning about their digital agronomy tools powered by high-resolution satellite imagery, field-centric data, machine learning, IoT, and AI-driven analytics. They recognized the value that imagery-derived scouting maps have on the traditional scouting experience. With greater visibility of each field, ScoutPro users can manage their time more efficiently, identify issues before yield is impacted, and create stronger digital connections with their customers.

“We’re pleased to welcome ScoutPro into our digital ecosystem,” said Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge CEO. “This partnership benefits growers, ag retailers, crop consultants, and other agricultural professionals, creating opportunities for long-lasting connections fostered through the use of advanced digital agronomy tools.”

About ScoutPro Inc.
ScoutPro Inc. was founded in 2011 and headquartered in Urbandale, Iowa has grown as a leader in managed field observations through their infield application for iPads and online management tools. ScoutPro is proud to be both a stand-alone scouting platform and integrated partner for technology and thought leaders in the ag industry. Growers, retailers, and service providers that value consistency and quality in field observations power their scouting programs with ScoutPro products in their pursuit of profitable and sustainable farming.

About Farmers Edge
Farmers Edge is a global leader in decision agriculture servicing over 24 million paid product acres worldwide with precision digital solutions. Integrating field-centric data, easy-to-use software, state-of-the-art processing technology, predictive modeling, and advanced analytics, Farmers Edge provides growers with scalable solutions to produce more with less. Using innovative digital agronomic tools, Farmers Edge solutions focus on the sustainable production of high-yielding, high-quality crops and are designed to optimize inputs, minimize environmental impact, and protect the economic viability of the farm. From seed selection to yield data analytics, Farmers Edge transforms big data into timely and accurate insights to support informed decision making. For more information about Farmers Edge, visit FarmersEdge.ca or FarmersEdgeUSA.com.

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