With a simple click, users can generate, download and share Acreage Reports for insurance purposes using FarmCommand Center. This report resembles the FSA-578 report for U.S. Crop Insurance and can also be used in other regions for planted acre reporting.

This new feature is an exciting step towards reporting data more efficiently and effectively. By automating the flow of insurance-related information that has already been collected in the system, we’re helping to eliminate double, triple and quadruple data entry. The report brings together real-time field-centric data, including as-planted and yield data, ensuring accurate, reliable record-keeping.

The report includes fields, crop type, variety, planting date and total field acres and can be easily downloaded as a PDF.

Benefits for Growers and Insurers:

  • Improves transparency in the settlement of the claims
  • Reduces redundant paperwork and administrative tasks required from growers and insurer
  • Ensures accuracy of records
  • Creates new methodologies on how claims may be reported in the future

Future Enhancements:

Acreage reports will continue to be enhanced to deliver the most seamless reporting experience.  Future features include:

  • Planted acres for each field
  • Editable report cells for custom revisions