In-field access to drone imagery bolsters drainage and crop-health scouting capabilities


Winnipeg, MB and Shakopee, MN — July 28, 2016 — Farmers Edge™, a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions, announced today it has partnered with Green Aero Tech, Canada’s leading drone systems and data provider, to integrate next-generation drone imagery into FarmCommand™ for direct-to-cab data. Now, Farmers Edge growers will have access to drone imagery and actionable data, providing yet another layer of field-centric data for growers making critical decisions for improved crop yields.


As growers seek deeper and broader data to inform a wide range of decisions – from crop mapping to field drainage to visual analysis – drone imagery provides sharp images, fast processing times and close to real-time access to critical data when weather conditions and cloud cover prevent the use of satellite imagery.


“In combining Farmers Edge Precision Solutions™ with Green Aero Tech’s imagery capabilities, reporting, and growing fleet of drones, it means that growers are able to make better land management decisions than ever before,” explains Scott Hiebert, CEO of Green Aero Tech. “This technology will fast become commonplace, because it saves time, effort, and money, while generating the most accurate information possible.”


Powered with its Real Time Kinematics (RTK) survey-grade equipment, Green Aero Tech will provide Farmers Edge growers with detailed elevation reports within ±5cm vertical accuracy. This premium service can be integrated alongside the Farmers Edge Precision Solutions platform, which provides a comprehensive, whole farm turnkey system for growers that also includes: Variable Rate Technology, soil sampling and analysis, field-centric weather, in-field telematics and data transfer, high-resolution, high-frequency satellite imagery, field-centric data analytics and access to FarmCommand, the integrated farm management platform.


“Globally, growers have long led the industry in leveraging advanced technology to sustainably improve yields,” said Wade Barnes, President and CEO of Farmers Edge. “In partnering with Green Aero Tech, we’re providing growers with data and imaging capabilities that our competitors haven’t been able to deliver, ensuring that our customer-base continues to be pioneers in precision agriculture.”


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