Leveraging field-centric weather and zone-specific agronomic recommendations will drive more productive agriculture throughout Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma

Shakopee, MN and Albert, KS — December 6, 2016 — Farmers Edge™, a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions, announced today it has partnered with Great Plains Precision Ag, Inc. (GPPA), one of the foremost precision agriculture service providers in the Central Great Plains region of the United States. With customers spanning across 250,000 acres in Kansas, Nebraska, and Oklahoma, GPPA has cultivated its reputation as a trusted agricultural advisor by equipping Great Plains growers with leading precision technologies. Now, through this partnership, GPPA growers will have access to Farmers Edge Precision Solutions™ , an integrated platform that combines hardware, software, Variable Rate Technology and “boots on the ground” support to ensure the most productive and profitable farming possible.


The topographical variability of the U.S. Great Plains has already prompted many regional growers to adopt Variable Rate Technology, but other critical precision tools – such as zone soil sampling, on-farm weather stations, and highly accurate agronomic recommendations – have been largely underutilized. Working with Farmers Edge, GPPA will introduce their customer base to a wide array of these innovative technologies. By creating localized production zones and Precision Profit Maps™, GPPA growers will have access to the right data to support farm management decisions on a zone-by-zone basis and will be able to benchmark performance from season to season, a crucial benefit amid a global agriculture market afflicted by low commodity prices.


“GPPA has been providing first-rate, data-enabled agronomic solutions since our inception, but this new partnership with Farmers Edge will ensure that we’re a ‘one-stop shop’ for growers seeking to maximize their yields through precision ag services,” said Michael Bahr, President of GPPA. “Our customers manage some of the most economically vital farmland in the United States, and Farmers Edge will allow them to achieve peak productivity while optimizing resource inputs and cutting costs.”


Today, the Farmers Edge Precision Solutions™ platform will be available to GPPA’s entire customer base. Easily integrated with growers’ existing equipment and programs, Precision Solutions is a comprehensive turnkey system that includes: Variable Rate Technology, soil sampling and analysis, field-centric weather, in-field telematics and data transfer, high-resolution, high-frequency satellite imagery, field-centric data analytics, access to FarmCommand™ – an integrated farm management system – and a network of highly experienced, trusted advisors.


“As demand spikes for precision ag services throughout the U.S., we’re proud to join forces with GPPA to bring the most cost-effective, easy-to-use, and innovative agricultural technologies to growers throughout the Central Great Plains,” said Wade Barnes, President and CEO of Farmers Edge. “Fundamentally, our vision is to bring a whole-farm precision network to as many growers as possible at the lowest price possible, and GPPA will be an instrumental partner for us as we continue to bring our services to growers in the U.S.”



About Great Plains Precision Ag, Inc.  


Great Plains Precision Ag, Inc. was founded by an agronomist who recognized a need for producers to obtain local service in managing variable rate technology. With a unique combination of GIS and agronomy experience, Great Plains Precision Ag has grown to be a leader in precision ag services throughout Kansas. Blending proven methods of production with modern technology and personal support, Great Plains Precision Ag helps growers generate higher profits on the farm. For more information about Great Plains Precision Ag please visit: www.greatplainsprecisionag.com



About Farmers Edge


Farmers Edge is a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions. Combining hardware, software, agronomy, and support, Farmers Edge provides growers with the right data to inform farm management decisions that maximize productivity and profitability. Originating in Canada, Farmers Edge is now active in five countries across the globe and has received international recognition, including the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer award and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Canada’s Disruptor Innovator of the Year award, for its agricultural innovations and commitment to global sustainability. For more information, visit farmersedge.ca



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