N-Manager Delivers Live Nitrogen Recommendations Driven by Field-Centric Data to Improve Yield and Increase Grower Profitability

 WINNIPEG, Manitoba and AMES, Iowa – May 1, 2019 — Farmers Edge™ today announced they are providing their yield-based nitrogen tool at no additional cost to growers for the season. Following recent weather events impacting soil nitrogen levels, the tool will help growers reach their yield goals by providing greater control over the most important decision affecting corn production. Unlike other nitrogen management tools on the market that base recommendations on publicly available data, N-Manager is the industry’s first and only tool that uses multiple field-centric variables to give growers accurate recommendations for their farm versus generic estimations. Integrated with the FarmCommand™ platform, N-Manager gives growers a simple and automated way to determine precisely the right amount of nitrogen to apply at the right time in each management zone or field on their farm to maximize effectiveness, minimize losses, and improve corn profits. Growers who sign up for N-Manager also receive direct assistance from Farmers Edge agronomists to support nitrogen planning, along with access to a myriad of digital tools to guide decisions.

This innovative tool has been intensively calibrated, validated under diverse geographical conditions, and tested under a wide variety of management scenarios. In a multi-year study that tested the nitrogen model across over 2,600 R&D zones, N-Manager achieved the gold standard of accuracy for its mineralization values in comparison to USDA standard values. Precise, easy to use, and data-rich, N-Manager helps to ensure the global corn industry moves into a future defined by highly efficient and sustainable production.

“While Mother Nature is both a friend and a foe to farmers, data is the great equalizer,” said Wade Barnes, CEO of Farmers Edge. “This year, excess moisture has caused corn growers a lot of doubt and angst surrounding nitrogen. On the one hand, growers need to ensure they don’t short the crop, but on the other hand, wasting money is not an option either as margins are getting tighter. We’re offering N-Manager at no cost to demonstrate the value that real-time strategies bring to growers in circumstances with a lot of uncertainty, giving them one less thing to worry about.”

N-Manager Provides the Industry’s Most Accurate Zone-by-Zone Nutrient Recommendations
Nitrogen remains the most important, yet the most difficult, nutrient to manage for high-yield corn production. Offering automated daily or on-demand updates, N-Manager provides Farmers Edge growers with highly specific nitrogen data on a field, or zone-by-zone basis, allowing them to adopt optimized nutrient stewardship practices that help reduce environmental impact while increasing yields. To provide growers with full visibility of the needs of their crops, N-Manager is complemented by exclusive features from Farmers Edge to help plan applications, track critical growth stages, and visualize overall crop health from anywhere. Designed to deliver the highest levels of accuracy to support informed decision-making, N-Manager combines more field-centric variables than any other tool in the industry, including:

  • Meteorological information from on-farm weather stations;
  • Soil sampling analysis;
  • Detailed crop management data such as hybrid planted, planting rate, depth, and date, row spacing, and the presence of tile drainage or irrigation.

“This past year, we decided to use N-Manager across all our fields. After sitting down with our Famers Edge agronomist to map our yield goals, he put together a program for each of our farms,” said Tanner Lawton, a grower and Farmers Edge customer in Iowa. “We saw a very significant yield increase by taking a customized approach for each zone, instead of just doing things as usual. Farmers Edge allows you to analyze information much more in-depth and put all the pieces of the puzzle together at the same time. It’s been time and money well spent on the nitrogen program with Farmers Edge.”

N-Manager is available now and at no additional cost through the end of the year to new and existing Farmers Edge customers.

About Farmers Edge
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