Sustainability innovator launches Smart Carbon to generate high-quality offsets powered by the most robust, real-time datasets in agriculture.

WINNIPEG – May 13, 2021 – Farmers Edge Inc. (TSX: FDGE), a pure-play digital agriculture company, today announced the general availability of its data-driven Smart Carbon program for key agricultural markets in North America. The program harnesses the power of technology by combining hardware, software, agronomy, and hands-on customer support to create a true connected acre that gives farmers and their trusted advisors a 360-degree view of their carbon footprint with data from soil to sale.

A leader in the cleantech space, Farmers Edge has been helping farmers to implement climate-friendly practices since 2005. The company provides the knowledge and technical support to infuse intelligence into decisions and processes on the farm, bringing sustainability, productivity, and profitability together. The technology automatically tracks, measures, and benchmarks improvements in yields, soil health, and efficiencies of practices on a site-specific basis. This synergy results in economic, environmental, and social value that can be passed down the supply chain for generations to come. It is highly scalable and can be implemented in both data-rich and data-sparse regions, by farms of any size.

The company estimates that the total addressable market within its current customer base will include at least six million new carbon offsets annually through carbon sequestration and emissions reductions. In addition, the company has already secured buyers in North America.

Farmers Edge has a long history as a sustainability innovator in Canada, with extensive experience managing one of the major carbon offset programs in the world, the Alberta Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction Regulation. Based on this work, the company will expand its sequestration and emissions-reduction projects to other provinces, including Saskatchewan and Manitoba. In the US, the company is planning projects based on the USDA/NRCS foundation of greenhouse gas management. Additionally, Farmers Edge is currently developing broader-based protocols to be used across North America.

“At the heart of our business has always been a deep commitment to agriculture and the farmers who feed us,” said Wade Barnes, Farmers Edge Chief Executive Officer and founder. “As stewards of the land, farmers play a leading role in ensuring stability of the global food supply and the health of our planet; they need collective support to do this. We provide a simple and transparent program that rewards farmers for land stewardship and removes the hassle of dreaded paperwork. We can validate their digital environmental assets in near real-time, reducing risk and creating verified, high-quality carbon offsets. Farmers are part of the climate change solution.”

Along with scaling its digital, connectivity-fueled carbon program, Farmers Edge is developing a system for food companies and elevators to purchase low-carbon grain.

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