Connecting insurance to the industry’s leading digital platform creates a clear path for automated reporting, reduced administration time, and premium risk management solutions

AMES, Iowa, and CRAWFORDSVILLE, Indiana – February 25, 2020 – Producers Edge, a group of experienced risk-mitigation agents specializing in crop and farm insurance, has struck a new partnership with Farmers Edge, a global leader in digital agriculture, to transform how they deliver insurance services, shifting from selling policies to delivering premium, intelligent digital solutions.

Farmers Edge is equipping the insurance agency with a turnkey solution designed to attract growers and modify outdated processes to a more efficient and automated system. Powered by field-centric data sets, remote sensing technology, and artificial intelligence, Farmers Edge provides the most comprehensive digital platform available—FarmCommand®. The platform includes powerful tools, such as severe weather warnings, Health Change Maps, and predictive crop models to optimize crop production, enhance risk mitigation, and connect all stakeholders of the farm. For growers who wish to share their data, the platform enables seamless connectivity to the agency for improved reporting and simplified claims. Available as a web-based platform and an in-field app, FarmCommand delivers a breadth of business intelligence capabilities, from real-time insights to predictive intelligence.

“The magnitude of this digital adoption dramatically enhances our coverage structure at Producers Edge, says Brad Barnett, owner of Producers Edge.” “Being able to automate processes while also providing growers with a solution to protect their farm arms us with a unique positioning in the market to drive new revenue and foster lasting relationships with our customers. The best part is Farmers Edge does all the work – we provide the insurance; they provide the digital expertise and full-farm solution for our growers.”

Farmers Edge unique digital infrastructure is based on complete connectivity. Providing the hardware and technology required to bring together all data sources from the farm—including weather, equipment, imagery, soil, moisture, and more—Farmers Edge delivers the most robust data sets available. This full-service, field-centric strategy ensures unbiased, reliable,  validated data sets, creating opportunities for farmers who previously had no access to custom insurance products, along with opportunities for agents to establish season-long engagement with growers.

“The crop insurance industry is evolving; our digital platform provides a way for insurance agents and growers to connect easily and securely through every stage of the season,” said Wade Barnes, CEO and co-founder of Farmers Edge. “With over 1.1. million crop insurance policies issued in the country, forward-thinking agents such as Producers Edge, are looking for innovative solutions to ensure their businesses remain competitive while providing the best coverage possible for their growers. We’re excited for Producers Edge to join our partner network, adding another route of connectivity across the digital agricultural ecosystem.”

About Farmers Edge

Farmers Edge is a global leader in digital agriculture that delivers cutting-edge solutions powered by a unique combination of field-centric data, artificial intelligence, and complete integration. Since 2005, Farmers Edge has transformed the industry with disruptive technologies, and strategic partnerships designed to enhance connectivity across the entire agricultural ecosystem. With the most comprehensive data management platform on the market–FarmCommand®–Farmers Edge is revolutionizing the way farmers, agricultural professionals, and agri-businesses interact with data. Moving at the speed of digital, with an elite team focused on innovation, machine learning, and IoT, Farmers Edge is creating new opportunities for all stakeholders, shaping the future of agriculture worldwide.

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