Farmers Edge, in partnership with AGCO-RM and Sucden, supported a trial of industry-leading 500hp+ tractors to demonstrate the comparative qualities of each model. Prior to the tests, CanPlugs™ were installed in each piece of equipment to ensure the results were unbiased and analyzed in a consistent format. Equipment data was collected and automatically transferred to FarmCommand-an all-in-one farm management platform-to generate detailed equipment benchmarking reports measuring fuel consumption, productivity rates, and overall performance. These reports help growers understand which equipment is best suited for various field operations on their farm.

The Battle of the Titans

AGCO-RM, operating under the patronage of the international agricultural machinery manufacturer AGCO and Russian Corporation “Russkie Mashini”, has announced the results of a comparative trial – Battle of the Titans – evaluating tractors with 500hp or more.

Sucden, a French group in leading in sugar production, held comparative runs of leading brands of agricultural equipment in the Penza region. The test involved the following models: Challenger MT 865 E, John Deere 9520RT, Case Quadtrac 500 and Versatile 570 DT. Farmers Edge, an independent company, provided transparency to the project by installing CanPlugs™ on each piece of equipment and monitoring the trials in person and online.

In the Battle of the Titans, the Challenger MT 865 E tracked tractor showed brilliant results in terms of productivity, economy and quality of tillage. Based on the test results, Challenger MT 865 E had the best performance when working with a semi-mounted plow (4.2 ha / h), demonstrated an unprecedented ratio of the lowest fuel consumption (14.41 l / ha) and had the highest productivity rate (6.59 ha / Hour) during soil cultivation with a cultivator.

Here is how product specialist of AGCO-RM Mikhail Severin, commented on the results: “Such tests of agricultural machines are regularly conducted by large agro-holdings and companies that want to determine the most effective products for annual upgrades to their park. Battle of the Titans results proved that the Challenger MT 865 E will become an indispensable assistant when performing heavy field work.”

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