Accurate prescription maps, based on the right data, will improve growers’ bottom lines

Shakopee, MN and Arcadia, NE — November 29, 2016 — Farmers Edge™, a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions, announced today it has partnered with Trotter Fertilizer, Nebraska’s foremost retailer of NutriSphere-N® Nitrogen Management Solutions and AVAIL® Phosphorus Fertilizer Enhancers. Through this partnership, Trotter Fertilizer will provide growers with advanced precision agronomy recommendations from Farmers Edge to enhance existing Variable Rate Technology (VRT) programs for their customers throughout central Nebraska.


What distinguishes Farmers Edge from the competition, making it an ideal partner for Trotter Fertilizer, is their ability to collect and apply the right data at the right time, rate and place. By investing heavily in their customer base to digitize the farm, Farmers Edge provides the most up-to-date data for accurate prescriptions and recommendations. Their FieldReady™ program activates a team of precision technology specialists that visit the farm to assess all equipment and ensure maps are installed and implemented properly. Leveraging their proprietary CanPlug™, as-applied information is collected in real-time. Farmers Edge is the only company to provide Precision Profit Maps™ that ensure customers can measure the impact of their crop input and farm management decisions, and can even compare those inputs by zone.


“Our objective is, and always has been, to provide our local growers with the best and most innovative solutions that will help their local communities thrive,” said Jesse Trotter of Trotter Inc. “For us, working with Farmers Edge and their in-field agronomic team to boost our VRT offering builds on our tradition of exceptional customer service and will provide our growers with the accurate prescription maps that ensure Nebraska remains a dominant corn and soybean-producing state.”


Trotter Fertilizer customers will now have access to the Farmers Edge Precision Solutions™ platform. Easily integrated with growers’ existing equipment and programs, Precision Solutions is a comprehensive turnkey system that includes: Variable Rate Technology, soil sampling and analysis, field-centric weather, in-field telematics and data transfer, high-resolution, high-frequency satellite imagery, field-centric data analytics, access to FarmCommand™ – an integrated farm management system – and a network of highly experienced, trusted advisors.


“Traditionally, the fertilizer industry has lacked access to a complete agronomic solution that brings together technology and personalized support,” said Wade Barnes, President and CEO of Farmers Edge. “By partnering with Trotter Fertilizer, we’re ensuring that growers throughout Nebraska have access to our leading edge technology and, in doing so, are providing additional value to their farm management programs. In a tough commodity market, we’re equipping growers with the right decision-support data that can improve their bottom lines, while sustainably boosting productivity on the farm.”


About Trotter Fertilizer 

Trotter Inc., as we now know it, started out as Trotter Service in January 1962. Jim and Virginia Trotter became the owners of one of five service stations in Arcadia, Nebraska. Of those five stations, only Trotter Service remains. The business was incorporated as Trotter Inc. in 1976. It has expanded from the full-service station in Arcadia, to include fertilizer, chemical, grain, convenience stores and fast food franchise. All Trotter locations remain within 60 miles of home. The Trotter children, Jess and Terina have been long-time employees and owners of the business. As a family owned business, Trotter’s remain dedicated to serving the small rural communities of central Nebraska. Trotter Inc. is very pleased to be partnering with Farmer’s Edge, to bring the newest technology available in farming to our customers


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