Experience the power of agriculture’s most connected platform

Data is what we do best

We take connectivity to a whole new level. With our unique digital infrastructure, we deliver robust datasets right from the farm. Our all-in-one platform transforms information into insights and predictive intelligence to help you be more sustainable, productive and profitable.

Data for farmers

Our solutions include everything you need to collect real-time field data, monitor crop progress, optimize inputs, improve yield, manage carbon credits and provide complete lifecycle traceability of your grain.

Data for partners

Build, reach and exceed your business goals with a custom solution. Our platform equips you with deep insights into your customers’ farms so you can scale faster, mitigate risk and increase revenue.


It’s more than a platform. It’s a partner.

Data drives decisions. With an intuitive user experience, FarmCommand provides a 360-degree stakeholder view to enhance your interaction with data. Experience the value of integrated data management, real-time insights and highly precise predictive intelligence.

Smart Carbon

Our solutions result in low-carbon grain and verifiable carbon credits. Whether you’re a farmer or a buyer, we help you harness the power of technology to meet your carbon goals.

Precision Agronomy

Grow more with less using an advanced agronomic plan that’s data-driven and tailored to your unique yield and profitability goals.


The secret is in the soil. Understand exactly what a crop needs to thrive with comprehensive zone, grid and composite soil testing from one of our dedicated laboratories.

Variable Rate Technology

The right source at the right rate at the right time and in the right place. Increase yields, optimize inputs, and reduce environmental impact with our advanced Variable Rate Technology program.

DigiAg Risk Management

Automate acreage and production reporting, simplify claims and access unique parametric and InsurTech solutions for farmers and insurers.


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